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Lotus is one of the most ancient and deepest symbols of our planet. Lotus represents long life, health, honor, wealth and good luck. Same way Dhan Planners make sure that we  plan your life financially for a long financially healthy life along with fulfilling your goals and making wealth on the way.

We are very good at what we do. To ensure you meet your financial goals our financial planning uses top of the line technology, knowledge and processes. Your financial plan is tailor-made to suit your requirements and all our investment advice is backed by in-depth research.

Financial Planning for an individual who has just started earning is the best course forward financially. As proper channelization of your finances right from this stage will go a long way. Your insurances in place, emergency funds in place, goals listed and a proper financial map charted till retirement. This will not only help you to achieve your goals but also make wealth and secure your future.
A new chapter in everyone’s life. Along with this beautiful phase come new responsibilities. The best way to be prepared for this new chapter is Financial Planning. New House, New car, Insurances, Planning for kids and the list go on. Both the spouses together has to take the step for financial planning for proper channelization of funds so you are best prepared for any event.
With kids come expenses, new responsibilities and new goals. Indian parents take responsibilities of the kids very seriously and we plan till their wedding. It’s a long road ahead as along with kids’ future one need to secure even your future. As along with inflation one also needs to factor in Lifestyle inflation. Start early and you can be in peace financially for your kids and your future.
A lot of woman who are housewives from the beginning. All of you would want your financial independence. It’s possible with intelligent spending and small savings. Even working woman financial planning is a very important step considering you might need to take a sabbatical for marriage or kids. No one should loose their financial independence.
You in your 30s or 40s and are at a good place career wise be it business or profession. Although you have insurances in place but don’t know if its adequate enough. Have investments in place but are they invested bearing your goals in mind? Are you investments going to last post retirement? The list can go on.. Don’t fret we are here to help.
The day I retire I would like to travel the world, take up hobbies which I left because of studies, work and kids. I am sure all of you have a bucket list which you would like to tick off. Post retirement is the time you would like to be free and enjoy life without being financial burden on anyone. Also, do not forget to tick off Medical insurance.


Srigith Sankar
I have been associated with Dhanplanners from a very long time and Sheetal has been a tremendous help in decisins concerning my financial investments. From guiding me on my goals, to diversify my investments, to strategize each financial commitment; Sheetal has been that “google” to me!. Not as a customer, but as a family.
Srigith Sankar
Doha, Qatar
Anuragh Shah
I am absolutely delight with your service. It is really refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly down to earth and interested in their client need. In addition, your depth of knowledge and a passion in achieving the best for clients is always help client to earn the beyond their expectation, which make you truly genius financial adviser.
Anuragh Shah
Phoenix Arizona USA
Naina Vaidya
Sheetal is the perfect financial adviser you could consult, she helps me build a good corpus for various needs of mine. Moreover she is not only a good consultant but also a righteous person. Her advises have always proved to be beneficial for me.
Naina Vaidya
Business Woman, Mumbai


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